Functions & Services

Learn about the features of the FitPuli mobile app that will help you in your daily life, both in maintaining and improving your health.

Medical and lifestyle data

Having experienced physicians in our core team ensures that we develop Fitpuli based on scientific evidences and hard facts. Every aspect of our service is backed by research, using among others the recommendations of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. We also take data security more than serious, applying top-level protection solutions.

Compatibility with major fitness trackers

Smart wearables make Fitpuli more accurate, providing the user solid background for effective lifestyle improvement. We made seamless interaction with leading tracker and wearable platforms a cornerstone for our application, therefore Fitpuli is compatible with most leading brands, including Fitbit, Apple Health and Google Fitness.

Geographically independent digital solution

The heart of Fitpuli is a mobile application, which makes it easily accessible even for multi-site corporations, with low implementation costs. Functions are only available for our customers, with valid and registered account. We handle both medical and lifestyle data, provide individual and team-based challenges and give advice on healthy lifestyle management for improving quality of life.

Chat-like communication

It is known that dog is man’s oldest and most loyal companion. That is why we have with us Lupi, our guard puli dog as an excellent personal coach, who is open for any kind of question, all the time. Lupi guides the user through individual challenges, overall daily progress or medical questions, giving accurate and scientifically proven answers.

Mass gym membership syndrome

Did you hear about the “mass gym membership syndrome”? It’s the typical form of workplace health benefits, usually used only by a few athletic employee, but it makes no real change on the company level. We believe there are no two identical health profiles, thus one-fits-all solutions do not work the same way for everyone. Instead we help users set personalized goals and reduce the number of days the spend on sick leave.


Anonymous, aggregated reports

We are not only at the dawn of digitalization, but right in the middle of it. By now, data has clearly become the master, and the winner is the one who can quickly get the numbers that matter to him and then make the right decisions. At Fitpuli, we manage a lot of data from both external and internal sources, and regularly send clean, aggregated reports to company executives. At the same time, the identity of employees is not revealed, and there is no need to worry about sensitive information leaking out.

What is a corporate health promotion program good for?

Good employers know that only a healthy employee can be productive.

And it is also clear that companies only want the most highly motivated and professionally prepared employees among their members. What’s more, in today’s highly competitive labor market, wages that look good are no longer enough to keep your good people.

All of this can come together if the employer also focuses on employee health – going beyond the general screening. Furthermore, a truly effective health program not only contributes to corporate culture: according to a WHO study, every 1 euro invested in workplace health promotion generates a 1.4 to 4.7 times return over a minimum of 3-year period.

Fitpuli fulfills all of these criteria, providing a holistic, science-based digital workplace health promotion program.

Our mission is twofold: to improve and sustain employee health in a personalised way, and to support the employer to establish and maintain a well-targeted and measurably efficient wellness program. Due to our prevention-focused structure, Fitpuli lowers sickness-related corporate expenses in merit, while its challenge-based system strengthens employee community and engagement. 

All that for less than the price of a coffee per employee per month!