Digital corporate health promotion startup Fitpuli receives an investment of 1 million euros

“We believe that Fitpuli can create significant value in the domestic and international labor markets. As health is an increasingly important topic for both employers and employees, our service is able to turn these real needs into health benefits. Our goal is to enter the regional market in the near future, based on domestic experience and with the use of the newly received capital investment, ”said Dr. Dániel Oláh, CEO of FitPuli.

The first digital corporate health promotion program launched on the Hungarian market is based on scientific research and has undergone significant professional and content improvement recently. Thanks to seed phase funding, the continued development of the Fitpuli application has been secured. Its physician co-founders consider it important to support the formation of a healthy lifestyle and the more effective treatment of possible chronic diseases.

Fitpuli collects data from all of the user’s digital applications and wearable accessories on one platform and combines this with medical parameters to provide personalized feedback. It can also perform vision and hearing screening tests and provide assistance in interpreting laboratory findings.

Users get access to the app through large enterprise customers. This allows employers to gain an overall view of the global health status of their employees, the effectiveness of the health programs implemented by the company and the opportunities for health promotion. Fitpuli’s privacy policy guarantees that only the users has access to their encrypted, unique personal information, so companies can only see aggregated, anonymous data that shows trends.

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