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Take control of your employees' health

We make workplace prevention more effective

We believe that only a healthy company is a successful company! Fitpuli opens a new dimension in digital healthcare. Take brilliant care of your employees’ & customers’ health and build your business with the health program of the future.

What makes Fitpuli unique?

    At the heart of our service is the Fitpuli mobile app, which can be used with all kinds of wearables, fitness trackers and smart watches. We automatically collect lifestyle-related data, provide personalized analysis & feedback as well as individual motivational and development tools to achieve better employee wellbeing.
Fitpuli creates a digital platform for health promotion on the enterprise level, gives continuous feedback on the effectiveness of in-house health programs and offers a live contact with employees and customers.

What to expect from a corporate health program?

Every company wants to count the most talented & motivated employees among its members. In today’s competitive job market, it makes a significant contribution to attract the best people if the employer focuses on the health of its employees as well. A great health program is not only an addition to corporate culture but a financial investment: according to research, the ROI of every $1 spent is between $1.4 to $4.7 in a 3-year period.


  • who are highly committed to strengthen the health of their employees
  • who are just starting to introduce health programs in their company
  • who build their strategies on measurable data&  and health indicators
Private healthcare providers,

  • who work together with their patients to implement digital healthcare services
  • who want to provide their premium clients an exclusive, continuous health service
  • who have recognized the importance of health planning based on continuous data collection
Occupational healthcare providers,

  • who want to raise their standard of service with up-to-date digital solutions
  • who want to commit their business partners to their digital service
  • who believe in continuous follow-up and real-time prevention plan for patients
Health insurance companies,

  • who want to engage new customers with their service
  • who want to optimize their health insurance packages for their existing customers
  • who want to keep in touch with their clients in a more personalized way

Next steps

Interested? Take care of your employees’ health for the price of a cup of coffee. Get in touch now, and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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