Innovation in Health Insurance Technology

Admin • 2021.05.18

Medical insurance technology is going under a big change in the past couple of years. First, the age of digital transformation came: new devices, apps, and possibilities were provided and being provided continuously. Not a day goes by without a new innovation idea. Besides that, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic encouraged the whole health sector to change its methods. Social distancing led to new telemedicine software, and new technologies led to the transformation of the health insurance companies.

Insurance companies are changing

For a company, following the news about health and wellness innovations is key. With a good insurance program, healthcare costs can be reduced. With the spread of employer branding methods, insurance companies had to reach out to companies instead of people. 

The focus is mostly on high-tech companies that can afford even an insurance plan to their employees. 

Nowadays, an insurance company has to be:

  • online (providing cloud services, so the data is accessible anywhere, anytime)
  • data-driven
  • customer friendly: a 24/7 customer service is almost a must
  • fast
  • flexible in insurance plans
  • and understandable for users from every generation.

Technology in the healthcare industry

The technology used in the healthcare industry is similar to any other: the goal is to digitalize the insurance process, thus the customers can get health insurance fast and easily. And not just that: the insurance companies have to amaze their customers with a simple interface, shareable social media posts, and predictive analytics.

Artificial intelligence might be a big help for this industry. Big data is growing every year, and a machine learning algorithm can provide custom healthcare plans for the users.

Let’s see some real examples of the use of technology used in the healthcare industry.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Calculating the risk for patients and predicting future incidents helps the insurance companies to create plans with a custom price level based on the patient’s health condition. 

AI might also help to program good chatbot software for a company. Imagine that the chatbot is learning the questions of the users and the answers provided by real-life customer support colleagues, so later the chatbot can answer that question as well, without waiting time.

No administration

No paperwork, no administrative costs. Intelligent workflows and digital signatures will take the place of long waiting times and tons of paper used for making a contract.


Either with blockchain technology or any other way, the patient’s data will be in good hands. Managed firewall services will protect the users’ sensitive data and won’t be given to any third-party services without consent.

Disruptive technology in healthcare

No industry is immune to digital disruption. The spread of wearables and thus, the easily accessible real-time data can make people more aware of how much they need insurance. 

The goal is to give a wake-up call to the people: even if they have a good heart rate and blood pressure while running, unexpected things can happen. Recommend a cheap healthcare plan for the users with low risks. Sell them as a good employee benefit. Create a better and trustable brand for your company.

Digital disruption in insurance is inevitable and leads to only one question: who will accelerate and who will fall?

Health insurance innovation with Fitpuli

With Fitpuli, we provide a 21st-century customer experience for our users. Improving digital health and wellbeing for companies is our main goal. Fitpuli healthcare software is available with different health plans in order to reduce costs.

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Summary: health insurance technology today

The technology trends in health care clearly show the ways where this industry is heading. Big companies are gaining market share by implementing these digital solutions and reaching out to new customer segments. Also, the awareness of a modern-day corporation is bigger and they are likely to invest in healthcare for the sake of their employees.

Mobile apps are widely available in the Apple Store and Google Play – and that’s it. Nowadays, an app download is all it takes for a person to choose a plan and subscribe for health insurance.

Real-time data by wearable devices can determine the price for a customer and create a win-win(-win) situation between the insurance company, the user (and the employer). 

Customer care management is the most important. Satisfied customers can spread the word if insurance fits their lifestyle or not. With a single tap, people can share their plans with others on social media. 

Follow the latest insurance industry trends!

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